February 2nd, 2006


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You've probably already seen this on allie's but it seemed appropriate to repost as today is the day (I was trying to convince her I didn't want a gift):

being born on groundhog's day is like waking up in the morning to a pat on the back from the Big Guy himself. "have a nice day, buddy, and happy birthday," God says to me as he hands me my sack lunch for the day. being born on groundhog's day is like looking at the cosmos and realizing that you were placed right smack dab in the middle of Awesome. being born on groundhog's day gives you the inherent feeling that you're a step above all others, just because you were born on Groundhog's day. The feeling of camaraderie i get when looking upon the common groundhog is a feeling so profound it cannot be outdone by mere presents. it can't even be enhanced. In fact, being given a birthday present when your birthday is on groundhog's day is like being given a joint when you live in a field of marijuana. Sure, I'll say thanks to humor people, but in the long run just being right where I am is all I need.
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