January 9th, 2006


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Okay. So like, if you only have half an hour before you go back to college from wonter break, that's a bad time to decide to start packing. I think I only left a couple of things though, so that's good. But one is the usb cable to my printer, and I also left my network cable, so that's kind of not good.

Today I found out that four of the six classes I'm taking are writing classes, classes I'm going to be writing papers for. Which isn't cool because as much as I like writing, I also like sleeping and eating. So I might be in for another long semester after all. And each class has 2 or 3 required books, plus I had to get a subscription to the new york times and I have to read that monday through friday, which actually could turn out to be interesting if I can find time for it.

Also, I've started working out again, but I can't figure out any of the cardiovascular machines. They have all these buttons and settings and different types of workouts and so many things it's hard for be to keep track of cause i'm dumb dumb dumb. Haha oh well I guess that's why god invented jogging.
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