January 2nd, 2006


That time of year is ending

So this is what I got for Christmas:

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Also, I figure that this year instead of making a sensible, achievable or enriching resolution, I'm going to make it personal. I have resolved to outdo everyone. I will out-weird Joselyn. I'm going to out-compete Anna. (See? I'm already on my way with this competitive resolution.) I'm going to out-preppy my sister. I'm going to out-rape Allie (that means I'm going to rape more people than she is). I'm going to out-write Angela, out-board-game Brian, out-'fro John, and out-awesome Anne. Matt will be out-freckled by me, and Adrienne will be out-tanned. Oh, and I'll out-art Casey and out-Elijah-Wood-fan-Lacey. Also, I resolve to commit at least one accidental murder and buy lots more hair-care products. I resolve to go to sleep soon before I continue rambling.
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